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Our range of products is not limited. It may vary in accordance with your requirements.

Product cataloque

Acetic acid
Acetic acid 60%
Acetic acid 70%
Acetic acid 80%
Activated carbon
Adipic acid
Akon A (detergent)
Aktigal F 15
Alkon K 10
Alkon S (detergent)
Aluminium sulfate
Aluminium sulfate, granulated
Aluminum chloride
Aluminum chloride anhydrous
Amidosulfonic acid
Ammonium bicarbonate (food grade)
Ammonium hydroxide
Ammonium chloride
Ammonium nitrate
Ammonium thiosulphate
Ammonium sulfate
Anticorrosive pigment Jacor Fe - 1
Ascorbic acid
Asphaltic suspension SA 12
Asphaltic suspension SA 23
Barium sulphate
Bentonit B 75
Benzine 50/110
Benzine 50/110
Benzine 80/110
Benzine 80/110
Benzine 90/150
Benzine 90/150
Benzoic acid
Bleaching clay, whiting clay
Bleaching lime
Boric acid
Brunigal S
Buthylacetate F
Butyl Cellosolve Acetate
Butyl glycol
Butyldiglycol (Butyl Carbitol)
Calcite micromilled
Calcium carbonate, curdy
Calcium chloride , hexahydrate
Calcium chloride food grade, anhydride, powder
Calcium chloride food grade, liquid
Calcium chloride granules, anhydride
Calcium chloride powder, anhydride
Calcium chloride, Solanka type R
Calcium chloride technical, liquid
Calcium nitrate
Calcium stearate
Castor oil FSG
Citrate dihydrate
Citric acid, anhydrous
Citric acid, monohydrate
Copper sulfate
De-mineralized water
Denaturing mixture 1B for ethanol
Diamonium phosphate
Diethanolamine 85 %
Diethylen glycol
Disodium phosphate dihidrate
Disodium phosphate dihidrate E 339
Dowanol DPM glycol ether
Dowanol DPNP
Dowanol PMA
Dowanol PnB glycol ether
Dowanol PNP
Dowanol (R) PM glycol ether
Dry hydrate
Duvilax B (glue)
Duvilax BD 20
Ethylen glycol
Ferrous pigment Fepren, type B 610
Ferrous pigment Fepren, type BP 600
Ferrous pigment Fepren, type SHD 430
Ferrous pigment Fepren, type TD 202
Ferrous pigment Fepren, type TP 200
Ferrous pigment Fepren, type TP 303
Ferrous pigment Fepren, type TP 303 G
Ferrous pigment Fepren, type Y 710
Ferrous pigment, type TP 100
Formic acid food grade
Formic acid, 30%
Formic acid, 85%
Furfuryl alcohol
Glucose crystalline
Glycerin 80 % unrefined food grade
Glycerin 86,5 %
Glycerin 86,5% food grade
Glycerin 99,5%
Glycerin 99,5% food grade
Half - sphere zinc anode
Heavy fuel oil to 1% S
Hexafluorosilicate acid 18% (HAFSA)
Hexamin, methenamin
Hexamoll DINCH
Hydrazine hydrate 24%
Hydrazine hydrate 24% activated
Hydrofluoric acid, technical grade
Hydrogen peroxide 35%
Hydrogen peroxide 50 %
Hydrochloric acid, food grade
Hydrochloric acid, pure
Hydrochloric acid 20%
Hydrochloric acid 30%
Hydrochloric acid, 31%, technical grade
Hydrochloric acid 9% + - 1%
Chlorine, liquid
Chromium oxide
Chromium-potasium sulphate
Iron chloride solution 40%
Iron (II) sulfate
Iron (III) sulfate, solution
Isobutyl alcohol
Isopropyl alcohol
Isopropyl alcohol cosmetic grade
Lactic acid E 270
Linseed oil oxidized
Linseed oil refined
Lovosa TS 20
Magnesium chloride
Magnesium nitrate
Magnesium oxide, food grade
Magnesium sulfate
Methanesulfonic acid
Methyl ethyl ketone
Methylene chlorid
Mixture of hydroxides with aditive NaK XT
Mixture of hydroxides with aditive NaK XT
Mixture of xylene and n-butanol
Monoammonium phosphate
Monoethanolamine 99%
Monopotassium phosphate
Monopropylenglykol food grade
Natrium hydrogensulfite, solution
Natrium hydrogensulfite solution E 222
Nickel chloride
Nickel sulphate
Nitric acid p.a., pure
Nitric acid, pure
Nitric acid 25%
Nitric acid, 50%
Nitric acid 60%
Nitric acid, 65%
N,N,N,N-Tetraacetylethylenediamine, blue
N,N,N,N-Tetraacetylethylenediamine, green
N,N,N,N-Tetraacetylethylenediamine, white
NPK fertilizer with magnesium and sulphur
NPK fertilizer with magnesium, sodium and sulphur
Oxalic acid
Palatinol N
Parrafine HR 56
Paraffin oil
Paraffine chlorine
PEG 4000
PharmSorbidex NC 16205
Phosphoric acid, 75% food grade
Phosphoric acid, 85% food grade
Polyaluminum chloride (PAC) PAX 18
Potassium aluminium sulfate
Potassium carbonate (calcinated potash)
Potassium dichromate
Potassium disulfite
Potassium hydroxide, flakes
Potassium hydroxide, liquid
Potassium hydroxide, liquid
Potassium chloride
Potassium nitrate
Potassium permanganate
Potassium pyrophosphate
Potassium sarbate
Potassium sulphate, fine
Powder soap industrial
Pragokor AS 140
Pragolod AC 200
Pragolod EFCO 3024
Pragolod radalod
Pragolod 59
Pragolod 68
Pragolod 86
Pragolod 90
Pragopol, grinding paste
Pragopol, polishing paste
Pragopol, polishing paste
Pragopol, polishing salt
Proglyde DMM
Propylene carbonate S
Propylene glycol
Purolite C 100
Q-COAT resins veg-oil 100
Safflower oil
Soap Stone
Sodium acetate
Sodium benzoate, food grade
Sodium bicarbonate
Sodium bicarbonate for animal nutrition
Sodium carbonate, heavy type RO
Sodium carbonate, light, type RO
Sodium cyanide, tablets
Sodium fluoride
Sodium formate
Sodium gluconate
Sodium hexafluorosilicate
Sodium hexametaphosphate, technical, TYPE 1
Sodium hydrogensulfate
Sodium hydrosulphite
Sodium hydroxide - with additive WT
Sodium hydroxide, flakes
Sodium hydroxide, micropearls
Sodium hydroxide, pearls
Sodium hydroxide, pure
Sodium hydroxide solid
Sodium hydroxide, stones
Sodium hydroxide, 25% solution
Sodium hydroxide 27-29 %
Sodium hydroxide 30%
Sodium hydroxide 33%, solution
sodium hydroxide, 50% solution
Sodium hypochloride
Sodium hypochloride - treatment od water
Sodium hypophosphite, monohydrate
Sodium chloride, tablets
Sodium chloride, technical grade
Sodium chlorite
Sodium metasilicate
Sodium metasilicate anhydrous
Sodium nitrate
Sodium nitrite with anti-caking component
Sodium nitrite without anti-caking component
Sodium perborate tetrahydrate
Sodium percarbonate
Sodium persulphate
Sodium phosphate, crystaline
Sodium phosphate, granulated
Sodium pyrosulphate
Sodium sulfate, calcinated
Sodium sulfide
Sodium sulfite, anhydrous
Sodium tetraborate
Sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate
Sodium tripolyphosphate, technical gr., TYPE 1
Sodium tripolyphosphate, technical gr. TYP5
Sokoflok 16
Sokoflok 20
Sokoflok 26
Sokoflok 61
Sokoflok 63
Sphere zinc anode
Spirdane D 40
Spolostan 4P, Naphtalenesulfonic acid
Stearin floccules
Sulphur (granulated,dry)
Sulphur (grounded, dry)
Sulphuric acid, dairy grade
Sulphuric acid for accumulators
Sulphuric acid, pure
Sulphuric acid 40%
Sulphuric acid, 50%
Sulphuric acid, 60%
Sulphuric acid 61,5-63%
Sulphuric acid 64-66%
Sulphuric acid, 70%
Sulphuric acid, 96%, technical grade
Syntapon ABA
Syntron B, liquid
Tartaric acid
Technical benzine filter
Teak oil
Terebinthine oil
Tetrasodium pyrophosphate
Thinner C 6000
Thinner S 6001
Thinner S 6003
Thinner S 6005
Thinner S 6300
Titanium white RGX, titanium dioxide
Titanium white RGX10
Titanium white AV 01 FG
Titanium white AV 01 SF
Titanium white AV 03 F/S
Titanium white FS
Titanium white RG 18
Titanium white RGU
Titanium white RGZW
Toluene, petrochemical grade
Toluene regenerated
Triethanolamine 99%
Triethylen glycol
Tung oil
Urea, granulated
Urea, granulated for animal nutrition
Vapex (sorbant)
Water glass 36/38
Water glass 48/50
Water glass 50/52
White spirit
Xylene, petrochemical grade
Zinc ammonium chloride
Zinc chloride
Zinc oxide
Zinc sulphate
Zinc sulphate x6H2O
Zinkogal BX/A1
Zinkogal BX/B1

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